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We, at Natural Woman, view the formulation of natural baby care products very challenging and with great responsibility. The ingredients used in our baby care products range are carefully chosen for their mild nature, bringing natural and beneficial properties to the end product.

Consider Natural Baby Care products Needs

  • A newborn baby's skin is very delicate, as the structure of the epidermis is quite thin and loose. This means that although their skin can hold a high amount of moisture, it cannot efficiently retain that moisture, so their skin can dehydrate much faster than that of an adult.
  • During the first month of life, baby's skin PH drops from almost neutral to a PH level of most adults, as the acid mantle starts to develop from the beginnings of their beneficial skin micro-organisms.
  • Babies don't tolerate fragrances or essential oils too well during their first month. Babies smell lovely and fresh anyway so it's better to allow their skin flora to develop naturally and introduce fragrances at a later date.

Natural Baby Care Products online

Natural Woman online baby care products Australia are available with or without fragrance, so you can make that choice for your baby when you feel the time is right. It is our sincere desire to help you keep your baby's skin healthy and free of irritation by making available safe and gentle baby care products online Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Hobart, Australia.

Shopping for Safe, Gentle and Natural Baby Care Products

It is essential to use Organic baby care products that maintain the lipid layer on baby's fragile skin which is its natural protection from irritation and infection.
We do not recommend the daily use of even the gentlest of cleansers for baby during the first month, but for those times when you do feel you need a little lather, or once baby is at least a month old, a small amount of a gentle cleanser of Natural baby care is all that is required.

Online Natural Baby Bath Care Products

  • We recommend you apply a small amount of your chosen Natural Baby Care Products and baby wash to your wet hands as though you are going to wash them.
  • Making sure that the bathing area is sufficiently warm, gently lather baby's skin with your hands, your fingers (with nails cut short) can easily get into all of baby's little nooks and crannies.
  • Then make sure that you thoroughly rinse all cleanser off the baby's skin in a tepid bath.
  • Because of the porous nature of the skin, baby should not be kept in the bath for more than a minute or two.
  • Additionally, baby should not be bathed in a bubble bath as cleansers are usually not designed to be left on the skin.

The information supplied here has been made in good faith, with you and your baby's best skin health in mind. We hope that we have helped you a little in making the right choices Organic Baby Care Products for you and your wonderful baby.

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