Natural Woman


Product FAQ

Q. How long does a bar of Natural Woman Soap last?

A. This has to be our number one question. One of our ladies once told me she 'used a bar of natural soap in a week'. When I enquired further, she told me that she showered twice each day and lathered herself top to toe, ten times each shower. She obviously enjoyed her showers! On the other hand, a man told me that his bar of natural soap lasted for 6 months.  We believe that these examples are the two extremes. Every individual will use a soap at a different rate, but there are things you can do to make your natural handcrafted soap last longer.

Q. How do I make a bar of Natural Woman Soap last longer?

A. Because they are handcrafted and handcut, natural soap is not as hard as commercial soap which are compressed into shapes. The best way to make natural soap last longer is to keep it dry when not actually in use. This includes not dropping it into a bath or basin of water. The best method I know is to keep them high and dry on a soapsaver at all times.

Q. Why should I use natural soap?

A. Most of the commercial soap available today is not actually soap, but a detergent which can leave your skin felling dry, tight and itchy. After a time this may cause severe skin irritation such as eczema or psoriasis. Natural Woman soap can make your bathing a gentle, soothing experience giving your skin the care it deserves

Q. Do you add glycerine to your soap?

A. We don't need to. Glycerine is a natural component in the natural oils we use to make the soap. Glycerine is a humectant, which means it absorbs moisture from the air and is a key factor in keeping our skin supple and healthy. One of the major differences between commercial and natural soap is that  commercial soap processes separate and remove the glycerine as a by-product.

Q. Does Natural Woman soap contain lye?

A. There is no such thing as soap that is made without the use of lye. The lye is neccesary to create the chemical reaction  between the oils, water and lye (called saponification) that makes the soap. Once the saponification process is complete, there is no lye left, leaving only the natural vegetable and fruit oils and the fragrance. Naturally healthy for your skin.

Q. I don't use soap, I am allergic to soap.

A. If you have in the past used commercial soap, it is likely that the damage to your skin occurred then. You are in fact more than likely allergic to the detergent or the additives in commercial soaps.

Q. I don't use soap, I am allergic to the fragrance.

A. If you have an allergic reaction to fragrance, it may just be chemical fragrances, or perhaps all fragrances including Essential Oils. Try our Goat Milk soap which has no fragrance or colouring.

Q. Can I re-fill and re-use the foaming Baby Wipe Solution bottles?

A. Yes, The bottle is easily refilled and the pump is re-useable. Do not overfill though, the air chamber must be clear of the liquid. If you overfill, liquid can get into the air chamber and damage it. Better to refill with a little less, rather than more solution.

The manufacturer has tested the mechanism and found they last for up to 12,000 pumps. To ensure the pump works freely for ages. ensure you don't clean the pump under running water or by submerging it in water. If it begins to stick, simply turn the container upside down and pump a few times.